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quarta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2016

You can lead a hiker to water

After a three day Mantario Trail hike last fall, a bunch of beloved equipment I’ve used for years wound up in the giant gear swap in the sky.

A Canon camera I’d taken as far as Africa was carelessly left on top of a vehicle in the south trailhead parking lot. A pair of Columbia hiking boots I’d worn since 2005 finally became impregnated by rot and had to be discarded like hazardous waste,
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And a Pur water filter, held together with duct tape after being put to use on dozens of canoe trips since 1998,
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While I regret losing the camera and miss the boots, grungy as they were, what I really miss is that water filter, which had an ergonomic handle and could fill a one litre Nalgene in less than five minutes.

Water purification is an essential task on any wilderness trip. No matter where you go, you must figure out a way to obtain clean water.

As I begin a search for a new filter, here are some of the common purification options:How they work: Most hand pump water filters usually comprise two or three filtration devices: a ceramic pre filter to remove larger particles and either a charcoal or carbon filter and a glass fibre filter to remove tiny micro organisms. A hand pump pulls water through the device.

Pros: Hand pumps are easy to use and work relatively quickly. I swore by basic Pur.

Cons: Given all the parts, hand pumps can easily clog or break. They must be maintained carefully. You scoop several litres of water into the bag, snap it shut and hang it from a tree.

Pros: No need to pump. You can perform other campsite tasks while the water filters. You can also fill several bottles, for several people,
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Cons: Not as fast as pumping by hand. More convenient for larger groups. , in my experience, are also more prone to getting clogged. You open the top, scoop water from a lake or river, replace the cap and then suck water through a carbon and glass fibre filter. The suction action does all the pumping.

Pros: Ideal for an individual paddler,
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Cons: Useless for larger groups. Also, when you feel like taking a big gulp of water, you may be frustrated by the suction action, which forces you to sip.

Pros: Easy to use and lightweight.

Cons: You may need a separate screen to filter out grit.

Cost: $70 and up

Purification drops and tablets

How they work: Iodine drops or tablets containing chlorine based compounds can kill most micro organisms in a pot of water.

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